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Resolution in Opposition to the Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative

Whereas the Utah Federation of Republican Women acknowledges and sympathizes with those
individuals in the State of Utah who are burdened with chronic pain conditions;
Whereas marijuana use has been found to be higher among adolescents in states where medical
marijuana has been legalized1
Whereas legalizing marijuana for medical use and the subsequent presence of dispensaries has the
potential to change the culture and minimize the dangers of psychoactive and addictive drugs to
our youth;
Whereas youth are uniquely vulnerable to psychoactive compounds such as cannabis because of their
developing brain 2
Whereas the long-term deleterious effects of marijuana, which include altered brain development,
cognitive impairment, mental illnesses, and addiction, are more pronounced in adolescence and
young adulthood 3,4,5,6,7;
Whereas the initiative allows for the unfettered use of marijuana during the period between passage of
the initiative and July 1, 2020 when the medical cannabis cards are available on the basis that the
individual will obtain a medical cannabis card at the prescribed time; there is no age limit for this
window of marijuana use (ballot initiative page 24, 58-37-3.7(1));
Whereas there is a negative association between exposure to medical marijuana laws and high school
completion, college enrollment, and college degree completion 8,9,10; and
Whereas Utah has already enacted a law, HB105, to allow families to administer CBD-rich marijuana
products to their children with intractable epilepsy 11
; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, that the Utah Federation of Republican Women:
1. urges the citizenry of Utah to not support the Medical Marijuana Initiative due to the negative
impact on the youth of the State of Utah;
2. supports the current law that enables parents to receive CBD -rich marijuana products to treat
their children with intractable epilepsy;
3. encourages the continual study and use of cannabis compounds that have medical benefit and
are monitored by the Food and Drug Administration and distributed through pharmacies; and
4. extends heartfelt compassion to all who suffer with chronic and/or painful conditions, including
members of our families and friends, and seeks solutions that provide healing with no harm.
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This Resolution was passed by the Davis County Republican Woman in our September meeting.

There will be a press conference Wednesday October 10th at 10 A.M. at the state capitol to show support for the resolution